WhatsApp Launches Proxy Support to Allow Access in Times of Internet Shutdowns

Penelope Cook 10 Jan 2023
WhatsApp Launches Proxy Support to Allow Access in Times of Internet Shutdowns Image

The popular messaging app has announced the launch of its new feature, “proxy support” for its users throughout the world. This feature has been designed to ensure that users maintain the same level of privacy and security even if their connection to WhatsApp’s servers is blocked or disrupted. This is especially important news for countries facing internet shutdowns, such as Iran, where access to WhatsApp and Instagram was blocked in 2022. 

WhatsApp has made available a guide for users interested in creating their own proxy server for friends and family. These proxies, set up by volunteers and organizations all over the world, are dedicated to providing people with a safe and secure way to communicate. To connect to this proxy, users should go to the settings of WhatsApp, select Storage and Data, then proxy, and fill in the proxy address. For a successful connection, users should have the most up-to-date version of the app. 

Furthermore, WhatsApp has also released a feature that allows users to undo pressing the “delete for me” button in a chat. This feature is currently only available on WhatsApp Desktop Beta, enabling users to restore deleted messages. It is a great tool to have, especially in professional settings, when users might have deleted important information by mistake. 

All in all, WhatsApp’s new feature, proxy support, is sure to make a big difference in countries facing internet shutdowns and enable users to remain connected to the app and access its many features. Adding the new “undo” button on WhatsApp Desktop Beta is sure to be appreciated by users and make for a better messaging experience overall.