YouTube "Rewind" Returns This Year, But Without the Banned Video

Joscelyn Kate 06 Dec 2022
YouTube "Rewind" Returns This Year, But Without the Banned Video Image

It looks like YouTube Rewind is back, but this time without the cringey videos. After taking a break for the past two years, YouTube is summarizing the year on their platform with their ‘Rewind’, highlighting the top 10 creators, videos, Shorts, songs, and breakout creators of 2022. 

For those who don’t know, YouTube Rewind is an annual video series released by YouTube which recaps the year’s biggest trends and videos. The first Rewind was released in 2010 and was an immediate hit, with the 2018 Rewind becoming the most disliked video in YouTube history. This prompted YouTube to change their approach and, for the past two years, they opted to not create a Rewind video. 

However, this year, YouTube is back with a fresh take on the ‘Rewind’ concept. Instead of creating a full-length video, they’re highlighting the biggest trends and creators of the year in an article-style format. This approach is a much more streamlined and efficient way of showcasing the year’s biggest stars and trends. 

The article-style Rewind includes the top 10 creators of the year, the top 10 videos, the top 10 songs, the top 10 Shorts, and the top 10 breakout creators. It also includes an interesting feature, where YouTube has selected one creator from each of the 10 categories, and will be giving them a ‘Creator of the Year’ award.

Overall, this year’s YouTube Rewind is a welcome change from the cringey videos of past years. It’s a much more efficient way of highlighting the year’s biggest creators and trends, while still celebrating the accomplishments of the year’s top creators. It’s a great way to look back on the year and recognize the stars that helped make it happen.