Zoom Brings More Updates Including Smart AI for Sales

Penelope Cook 25 Apr 2022
Zoom Brings More Updates Including Smart AI for Sales Image

Zoom is working hard to keep its place on the market, trying to stay competitive against its rivals. Recently it revealed the new Whiteboard and hand Gesture Recognition option. Apart from that, it offers IQ for Sales that run on smart AI to help marketers learn about their target audience better.

Zoom released new updates to the online calls in an attempt to simplify them for its wide audience. The company improved the Gesture Recognition option and IQ for Sales. More changes were implemented in the Backstage for Zoom Events and Whiteboard. Now users can enjoy quicker responses with the use of hand gestures and sticky notes on a meeting from the Whiteboard.

Zoom renewed Whiteboard a few days back, releasing an official statement in the blog. More services were revealed for the desktop app, as well as Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Meetings. In the future, the company plans to attach Whiteboard to Zoom Chat. Users can easily add sticky notes, images, and a wide range of shapes there. If you want to use it, you need the 5.10.3 Zoom version.

As for the Gesture Recognition service, you can now express your feelings using visual gestures during the meetings. You may use the raised hand or thumbs up by recording and registering them. If you want, you may enable this service while you are online in the middle of the session.

Zoom IQ for Sales allows users to analyze the interaction of the customers. This is a perfect way to understand what your possible target audience wants and needs. This feature was made to highlight the major demands and the actions of the customers. You can build a successful marketing strategy based on the gathered from AI information.

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